Protection for Actors, Actresses, Music A-Listers and Successful Business Owners 

If you are in a position that may attract unwanted attention, our Surveillance Operatives in London, Nottingham and the Midlands have a proven reputation in protecting individuals that is built on trust and professionalism. 
Our Surveillance Operatives can determine whether you have stalkers, obsessive fans or even an unwanted presence from the paparazzi. We can gather evidence, lawfully and with full GDPR compliancy, on individuals and if needed present any intelligence to the authorities. 
Our surveillance teams can also arrange for a security advance party (SAP) to conduct reconnaissance of a location prior to your arrival. We can also put in place protective surveillance to determine and identify any genuine threat and gather evidence to constantly evaluate the best possible security solution and to reduce any risk associated with that threat. Whatever your close protection requirements may be, leave everything to us. 

FAQ's About Surveillance Services In Nottingham & London 

What is the purpose of surveillance? 
Surveillance services systematically gather, examine, and distribute data to prevent negative occurrences, providing decision-makers with valuable insights into the nature and magnitude of problems. They identify areas that require attention, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, and monitor progress or regressions over time. In essence, surveillance services serve as a critical tool for decision-makers, enabling them to make informed choices on where to focus their efforts and resources to effectively address issues. 

What are the benefits of surveillance? 

Investing in a video surveillance system is a smart decision for individuals and organizations looking to improve their security and reduce the incidence of theft. By implementing a video surveillance system, you can boost productivity, cut costs, and monitor your premises and assets from anywhere, at any time. With real-time monitoring of surveillance cameras, you can quickly respond to any potential issues or incidents, enhancing security and minimizing losses. Overall, video surveillance is a cost-effective way to enhance security and protect your assets, making it a valuable investment for any organization. 
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