We provide site security solutions to all sectors and tailor our services to suit your needs   With a wealth of experience, we work with businesses across Nottingham the East Midlands, West Midlands and London to provide robust systems to protect your premises and staff. 

We provide site security solutions to all sectors and tailor our services to suit your needs  With a wealth of experience, we work with businesses across Nottingham, the East Midlands, West Midlands and London to provide robust systems to protect your premises and staff.  

Threats differ from site to site; We provide a security survey before recommending a course of action 
We can offer around the clock support to meet the demands of your business schedules 
We aim to bring you peace of mind whilst you run your business without the stress and worry of threats 

Site Security Services for your Nottingham Business: 

Security Guards Staff Monitoring RSI Trigger Cameras HD CCTV Cameras PTZ CCTV Cameras Mobile Camera Towers Thermal Screening 

Security Guards 

Staff Monitoring 

RSI Trigger Cameras 

HD CCTV Cameras 

PTZ CCTV Cameras 

Mobile Camera Towers 

Thermal Screening 

Our trusted guards are SIA licensed to adhere to the Private Security Industry act 2001. 
All guards are subject to a pre-employment screening which checks their current qualifications and CRB/DBS. 
Our security guards are reliable, trustworthy and professional. 
Some of the security services we offer are site security, retail security, mobile patrols, alarm response and call outs. 

QR Patrol Nottingham 

QR Patrol is an online monitoring software that allows Sentry Consulting Ltd and our clients to keep track of our security operative’s movements in real-time. 
Monitor our guards in real time or historically. Clients have their own log in details for ease of access on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. It enables you to electronically track each visit to your property with GPS positioning and time/date recording. Incidents are reported in real time with picture evidence to support. There’s no paperwork to deal with as everything is electronically stored, right at your fingertips. Then we produce a weekly report of activity emailed to the clients. 

RSI Trigger Cameras Nottingham  

Our RSI trigger cameras are a cost-effective way to secure your site or empty building. They are a completely wireless option which means they are easy to install for a temporary, quick deployment measure and are monitored remotely. In addition to this system, we offer a call out service to react to any activations. These units come standard with an on-site siren which is an excellent deterrent to any would be thieves or trespassers. 

HD Static CCTV Cameras Nottingham  

Our remotely monitored HD static cameras, with a 50m IR illuminator. It can be viewed on any laptop or mobile device. 
These cameras are able to see up to 50m in complete darkness. With Cloud recording, 24Hr recording up to 1 year storage, with the benefit of each activation recorded saving time sifting through hours of footage. 

PTZ & Mobile Units Nottingham  

PTZ’s (pan, tilt, zoom units) work the same as our HD static cameras with it's remotely monitored feature but these units have the capability of viewing a larger area as opposed to being static. The units offer 15x to 36x optical zoom lens, and more details over expansive areas depending on model. 
We also provide mobile units that are fully customised to your requirements. Our base model features a static bullet camera and a PTZ all powered by renewable clean solar energy and can be viewed and operated remotely. 

Body Temperature Measurement Camera  

Our Body Temperature Measurement Camera (BTMC) is able to measure an object or persons temperature at high accuracy in real-time. It is capable of discovering and tracking people with a higher body temperature entering a workspace, so appropriate action can be taken. 
Staff should pass through a screening area as they enter the site or work space. A member of staff is to monitor the thermal equipment to determine each staff members thermal state. If a member of staff has a fever (which is a symptom of COVID-19) and has a temperature greater than 37.5c then a visual and audio signal will be triggered via a flashing strobe and audible siren. A member of management can then determine what measures are needed via their COVID-19 action plan and risk assessment. We will also add a router so we can access any information remotely should a manager require any footage or information from the Network Video Recorder (NVR). All information will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act, GDPR and ICO guidelines. 

Door Supervisors Nottingham 

From local pubs to busy night clubs our door staff can provide a safe environment for you, your staff and customers. Whatever the size and capacity of your venue we can implement door staff to safely manage the flow of clientele and effectively deal with any issues that may arise. We operate on a minimum of two door staff as we are against door staff working alone. We will not put our staff in harm’s way. 

Site Security Services Nottingham 

Sentry Consulting is your go-to expert for unparalleled site security in Nottingham. As industry leaders, we prioritize your safety by offering bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs. With our innovative strategies and trained professionals, we've established ourselves as the top choice for site security Nottingham trusts. Whether it's for construction, industrial, or commercial sites, Sentry Consulting is dedicated to protecting your assets and ensuring peace of mind. Trust us with your site security in Nottingham, and experience the Sentry Consulting difference today. 

CCTV & Entry Systems For Nottingham Properties & Businesses 

From CCTV surveillance equipment to electronic entry systems and alarms we offer installations to suit your requirements and budget with 6 and 12 monthly inspections to maintain the efficiency of your installations. New installations and upgrades available. 
I recently bought a site in Warwickshire and had an issue with opportunist 
thieves breaking into the premises. I have used Sentry previously in Nottingham and employed their services again, I have found them to be reliable, courteous and value for money. Since Sentry have been patrolling there has been no further problems on site. 
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