Our dedicated team of highly trained and professional Close Protection Operative’s (CPO’s) have extensive knowledge and experience gained from military special forces and specialist government agencies to covert surveillance and private security back grounds. 
Sentry Consulting Ltd are proud to adopt every individual’s expertise and combine them to offer a service of dedication, professionalism, and integrity for our Close Protection clients. 
We can implement individuals or teams to co-ordinate the safe day-to-day running of your busy lifestyle without any inconvenience to you or your family. Overtly with a presence or covertly with discretion. We offer close protection services to clients in Derby & across the UK. 

Close Protection Services Derby 

When you require close protection services, we give you the confidence and feeling of safety. Close Protection has become a necessity for many people as they have become more security conscious in the world that we live in. Our close protection services ease the stress placed on high-net-worth individuals or businesses around the threat of attack, theft, kidnap, or even murder. 
Our close protection services are mainly carried out in Nottingham, the East Midlands, the West Midlands and London. We truly care about our close protection and bodyguarded clients, and with our experience you will feel safe whatever circumstance you find yourself in. 

FAQ's About Close Protection Services Derby  

What are close protection services? 
Close Protection services aim to safeguard individuals or groups at an increased risk of being targeted by potential threats. A team of expert bodyguards, known as a close protection team, provides physical security to prevent harm, injury, or loss to the protected individuals. In addition to physical security, private security companies like Sentry Consulting Ltd also offer auxiliary services such as logistics, transportation, and emergency medical response to enhance the protectees' safety and security. These services enable individuals to carry out their personal and professional activities without worrying about potential security risks. 
What is a close protection operative? 
Trained security professionals called close protection operative are responsible for safeguarding individuals or groups who are at risk of harassment, harm, or attack. They take a proactive approach when dealing with their clients' security needs and they can handle any task regardless of its size. The primary duty of a bodyguard is to prevent any harm or loss to their protectee(s). Bodyguards are often employed by private companies, individuals, or government agencies to provide security services to high-profile officials, celebrities, witnesses, wealthy individuals, and others. In addition to providing physical protection, bodyguards can also offer services like surveillance and covert surveillance to enhance their clients' safety and security. 
What is an example of close protection? 
An example of close protection would be a bodyguard or a team of bodyguards accompanying a high-profile individual, such as a celebrity or a politician, to ensure their safety and security. Close Protection involves a team of bodyguards who accompany high-profile individuals to ensure their safety and security.Highly trained bodyguards provide on-site security services to protect individuals or groups by assessing and responding to potential threats. At Sentry Consulting Ltd, our experienced Close Protection officers provide reliable and effective security solutions, including physical protection and support services such as transportation, and logistics, taking a personalized approach to security and offering a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. 

Quality Close Protection Services, Guaranteed 

Our staff have extensive experience working with High-Net-Worth Families including Russian Billionaires, Forbes listers, Music ‘A’ listers, Political Figures and Executive Directors. 
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